Oct 28, 2013


I'm eternally grateful to everyone who applied this past weekend for being the face of Stadoll's Fashion Week 2014. This huge demonstration of support has given me a lot of enthusiasm and joy for continuing with this project. I have to admit I thought no one would like to take part of my project since I'm not a highly recognized member in Dollywood, but since we received a huge ammount of applications for the search of SFW's face, I'm now feeling absolutely amazing about creating this project. Of course this has been a hard work but I'm glad about working hard on this.
The face has already been elected and the banner will be revealed soon. The choice was really tough because I received applications with variety of faces, personalities and dozens of girls who really wanted to take part as the face. I'm really happy about my choice, and I selected the girl mostly by the answer she gave in the question 'What makes you stand out of the crowd?'. I think models are not just pretty faces, they're more than it. I also didn't base my decission on portfolios or experiences, I did check them but it wasn't the important factor I was looking for.
Sorry the deadline was too short, I know some members received my message a little bit late but I really needed to take this decission quickly cause I can't stand having the blog without a banner.

Also if you're not the model picked, you still having the opportunity of taking part as a model by applying in the 'MODELING IN THE SFW' tab in this blog

We're also looking for sponsors and media partners, so if you're interested contact me through the 'SPONSORING/PARTNERSHIP' tab in the blog.

So far we're partners with Sassy Magazine, Escape Magazine & Faze Magazine. Check them out & follow their blogs. Also Klaus Gossips will be covering the whole event so check them out too.

Thank you for the 1000 visits in just three days! It's awesome. And thank you for following the blog.
We'll hopefully reach 50 followers soon.

Those are the updates I can remember in this moment! Thank you a lot for taking part in this competition!

Oct 27, 2013


The official schedule has been published in the 'Schedule' tab in this blog.

Check it out and keep tuning!

Oct 25, 2013


 I'm really excited about introducing The Stardoll Fashion Week 2014.

Many of you will be wondering 'why 2014?'.
I actually took this decission since I was planning to get lots of rares and more money that I could give to designers in the fashion week, and hosting the event in january 2014 will give me more time to prepare everything and get prizes. Also I'll be able to accept more media partners and sponsors and will  let  designers to have more time to prepare their collections!

For this days I'll be editing the appearance of the blog including the banner which will be awesome!
I really want the banner to scream ''FASHION WEEK'' everywhere so I called one of my good friends here in stardoll who's an excellent graphic artist and she's making the banner for the blog! She's so lovely and I know she'll do an amazing job.

We are looking for the face of SFW 2014, and it could be you! 
Just apply in comments below

The face of SFW14 will be in the banner, be in spoilers, be a runway model and this will add a huge experience to her modeling portfolio!

SD Username:
Portfolio (If you have):
Headshoot without makeup/hair/accesories (just moles)
What makes you stand out of the crowd?

*You can't change your facial features during the time you're SFW14's face
*Must be public follower of the blog

SFW 2014 Face will be revealed next week with the new banner! You'll have until sunday to apply!

Oct 19, 2013


More updates soon.