Official schedule of The Stardoll Fashion Week 2014

*dates subject to change

The Stardoll Fashion Week organized by Tanya Lee Anne (TanyaWalford) is a project that's looking forward new opportunities for the Dollywood members. Since TTT is hosting 'Stardoll's Fashion Weekend' during summer every year and SDL my be hosting 'Dollywood's Fashion Week' in fall/winter months, we've selected the months of january and february as the time we'll be hosting 'Stardoll's Fashion Week' so participants who want to be in the three events are able to do so, having time to prepare collections properly.

Here I'll give dates that are subject to change so you can be aware of the schedule we'll follow during the fashion week.

October 25th - Starts the search of TSFW's face 2014
October 27th - Applications for the face of TSFW's face are closed
November 1st - New Blog banner and TSFW 2014's face revealed
November 2nd - Designer and Modeling applications are opened
November 22nd - Designer applications are closed
November 23rd - Modeling applications are closed
November 24th - Designers should start working in their projects
January 4th - We'll start receiving projects via email (
January 11th - Official runway schedule revealed
January 19th - Opening Party
January 20th to 24th - Fashion Week Shows and runways
January 25th - Closing Party
January 31st - Best Magazine, StarDesign, Fashion Collections revealed (Winners receive 150 each)
February 1st - We'll start posting FW's public looks
February 15th - Best Dressed List Poll opening
February 25th - Best Dressed list poll closed
February 26th - Top 3 Best Dressed Medolls (100, 75, 50 sd)


  1. Wow I'm excited, can't wait to get this huge event started!! :)

  2. How exciting! I can't wait for it all to kick off!! :)