Dec 23, 2013


Guys, I'm completely sorry about this.

I have lost every bit of motivation I had when creating this plan. I just wanna say this is worthless.
Sometimes you feel you have nobody and it seems that you're very ''popular'' in this virtual world where the one with the fattest wallet seems to be living a glamourous ad perfect life in a pixelated life. I think it's not worth to be superstar anymore, it was good while it lasted, but I have gotten many other hobbies during the past few weeks. I mean real hobbies. Not dressing up a medoll and wasting my counter in virtual 'money' when at the end stardoll is benefiting by our money. We pay for having privileges such as clothing and luxurious suites but what happens if stardoll decides to shut down their site? What then? You lose your money, you already lost it, you won't have that suite anymore, those items. Guys, having a real life outside this overrated community is a hundred times better than actually spending dozens of dolars monthly in this pointless obsession. I'm not gonna contribute with stardoll anymore. I'm not gonna let them benefit from my work, my savings or my money anymore. Open your eyes, this is worthless, useless, childish. 
It may give you inspiration when others go to your suite and congratulate you on your nice outfit, but come on, you can save the money you spend in your superstar membership and go to the store and buy a real pair of shoes, a blouse, a top, go for ice cream, to the movies, with your friends or family, listen to music, read, do excersice, take pictures, be yourself, enjoy your life. Don't waste your money in this, everything ends. You'll regret it.

My apologies to the designers, models, partners and everyone who was excited about the project. I hope you publish your work and show it to everyone. I'm sorry for the hours you have lost. 

But come on, this downfal was predictable. Nodoby cares about 'Dollywood'' anymore.

If you still wanting a hobby, just read the examples above. We will never get back the hours we lost pretending to be someone we're not anymore.

I'll miss everyone I had contact with this year, my friends. But it is time. 

My stardoll account will be deleted, and I want to keep this blog opened for a while but then delete it. 

Sorry to everyone, this is the goodbye. I'll always remember you all who made this 'Stardoll journey' so special. 

Dec 8, 2013


I continue thanking all of you for your support in this new project.
I know I haven't posted in various days but I have been really sick.

Well, first of all I've received multiple messages asking why I haven't published the face of the fashion week, but since the start I've wanted to reveal the face alongside the banner. But the banner is not finished yet. I just want to ask you for a little bit more of patience! I hope the banner is finished before november ends and I know the wait will worth it.
About the designers, I'm really glad with people who have applied for presenting their lines at the runway, and we still receiving more! We already have the minimum number o projects needed but we would like to have at least 5 more projects! We're looking for StarDesign collections. So if you would like to present your own stardesign collection, please apply in the 'Participate' tab of thise blog.
So I also wanted to tell you that we're growing in followers and media partners!

Faze Magazine  founded by Kierra (polarbearmonkie) will release its first issue soon. We don't know the exact date since the Faze team has decided to keep it a secret for it to be a huge surprise for the readers. With a big team of models and graphic artist, I have really high expectatives and I'm craving to see what this magazine comes up with.
If you have been an active member of the Dollywood society in the past months, you may already know about Escape Magazine and its Editor in chief Helen (_StarHelen_) who's also standing out from the crowd in Dollywood's fashion industry recently. Escape magazine has released just one issue so far but it has left many, including me, craving for the next one. Follow Escape Magazine's blog and for keep tuning about spoilers and updates of the magazine.
Mesmerize productions was founded by Beth (pavlovagurl) and it's conformed by a fashion line and a magazine. Mesmerize Fashion will present its official first collection 'The Poison' at our fashion week so keep tuning!

Owned by model and graphic artist Gisele (Aeon_Flux_96), Flux Fashion Line will also present their collection at our fashion week! Follow the blog for more updates and spoilers.

Owned by beautifuloval and pandaribbon, this new lookbook will bring you outfits and more daily!
Owned by Kelly (KimmyyRoxx)
From reviews to outfits, AWLP is a new stardoll related blog with the best critics and opinions owned by Angus (AboveTheFashion)
If you're looking for job opportunities as a model, Radiance Modeling Agengy can manage you and make you to break in the fashion indsutry

The Stardoll Corner
Updates, news, lookbooks and more in The Stardoll Corner

Also the15 Magazines and Collections that will be presented in the five days of the fashion week have already been selected and we are really excited about the fashion week! Can't wait till january 20th. So keep tunning guys! 

Nov 3, 2013


Thank you to anyone who applied for being a model of this FW!

We have selected our models an they're located at the 'Models' tab. 

Curious about it? Check it out!


Hey guys!
I'm sorry I haven't updated a whole week but I haven't found time cause I'm in final exams.
Anyways I'm just posting this cause I want you to start applying for being a  or a designer!

Modeling applications have been closed since designers will start working on their collections soon! 

I'll reveal them today!

And apply as a designer with your stardesign collection, graphics line or magazine at the 'Participate' tab. 

Thank you a lot for your support and when we reach 75 followers, I'll make a raffle of 150 sd! 
Can we reach the goal? 

Oct 28, 2013


I'm eternally grateful to everyone who applied this past weekend for being the face of Stadoll's Fashion Week 2014. This huge demonstration of support has given me a lot of enthusiasm and joy for continuing with this project. I have to admit I thought no one would like to take part of my project since I'm not a highly recognized member in Dollywood, but since we received a huge ammount of applications for the search of SFW's face, I'm now feeling absolutely amazing about creating this project. Of course this has been a hard work but I'm glad about working hard on this.
The face has already been elected and the banner will be revealed soon. The choice was really tough because I received applications with variety of faces, personalities and dozens of girls who really wanted to take part as the face. I'm really happy about my choice, and I selected the girl mostly by the answer she gave in the question 'What makes you stand out of the crowd?'. I think models are not just pretty faces, they're more than it. I also didn't base my decission on portfolios or experiences, I did check them but it wasn't the important factor I was looking for.
Sorry the deadline was too short, I know some members received my message a little bit late but I really needed to take this decission quickly cause I can't stand having the blog without a banner.

Also if you're not the model picked, you still having the opportunity of taking part as a model by applying in the 'MODELING IN THE SFW' tab in this blog

We're also looking for sponsors and media partners, so if you're interested contact me through the 'SPONSORING/PARTNERSHIP' tab in the blog.

So far we're partners with Sassy Magazine, Escape Magazine & Faze Magazine. Check them out & follow their blogs. Also Klaus Gossips will be covering the whole event so check them out too.

Thank you for the 1000 visits in just three days! It's awesome. And thank you for following the blog.
We'll hopefully reach 50 followers soon.

Those are the updates I can remember in this moment! Thank you a lot for taking part in this competition!