Everyone may be thinking  ''How, when, where and why?''
Here I will explain what  the Stardoll Fashion Week will be and how it's organized,.

If you want to apply for the Fashion week, you MUST read this, because this has the full information of the Fashion Week.


This works how any other fashion week works. Create your own collection with at lest 8 pieces. You'll be free to choose the poses, models (select them from the 'Models' page in this blog) or if you'll present them with mannequins. Everything is up to you. Designs have to be original, no tematic given. Get inspired by anything you want. Every collection will have their own post. Please send it at least a week before the Fashion Week starts. 

                                                                                         ACCESORIES LINE

Accesories include Jewelry, Purses, Shoes, Head accesories, Scarfs and many others. Create them by your own. Completely your Design, non others, or real life designs.  It's optional to Make them using models. You need at least 10 pieces. Everything is up to you, colors, tematic, inspiration, etc.. Models too. Justs elect them from the 'Models' page in this blog. 


At least 15 pages, articles about anything you want. Your tematics, articles, stories, ANYTHING! Make it special and enjoy while doing it. You can use the models that work for the magazine or the fashion week models. 


From modeling agencies that apply in the page ''Modeling in SFW'' will be selected from 5 to 10 models, wich will be given to the designers. 


Can not change your face while you're model for us. You can use your modeling work for your portfolio. You'll be only have a contract for a specific year.