Dec 23, 2013


Guys, I'm completely sorry about this.

I have lost every bit of motivation I had when creating this plan. I just wanna say this is worthless.
Sometimes you feel you have nobody and it seems that you're very ''popular'' in this virtual world where the one with the fattest wallet seems to be living a glamourous ad perfect life in a pixelated life. I think it's not worth to be superstar anymore, it was good while it lasted, but I have gotten many other hobbies during the past few weeks. I mean real hobbies. Not dressing up a medoll and wasting my counter in virtual 'money' when at the end stardoll is benefiting by our money. We pay for having privileges such as clothing and luxurious suites but what happens if stardoll decides to shut down their site? What then? You lose your money, you already lost it, you won't have that suite anymore, those items. Guys, having a real life outside this overrated community is a hundred times better than actually spending dozens of dolars monthly in this pointless obsession. I'm not gonna contribute with stardoll anymore. I'm not gonna let them benefit from my work, my savings or my money anymore. Open your eyes, this is worthless, useless, childish. 
It may give you inspiration when others go to your suite and congratulate you on your nice outfit, but come on, you can save the money you spend in your superstar membership and go to the store and buy a real pair of shoes, a blouse, a top, go for ice cream, to the movies, with your friends or family, listen to music, read, do excersice, take pictures, be yourself, enjoy your life. Don't waste your money in this, everything ends. You'll regret it.

My apologies to the designers, models, partners and everyone who was excited about the project. I hope you publish your work and show it to everyone. I'm sorry for the hours you have lost. 

But come on, this downfal was predictable. Nodoby cares about 'Dollywood'' anymore.

If you still wanting a hobby, just read the examples above. We will never get back the hours we lost pretending to be someone we're not anymore.

I'll miss everyone I had contact with this year, my friends. But it is time. 

My stardoll account will be deleted, and I want to keep this blog opened for a while but then delete it. 

Sorry to everyone, this is the goodbye. I'll always remember you all who made this 'Stardoll journey' so special. 


  1. I understand what you mean :/
    But I will still publish my collection by my own.

  2. I'm so sorry you feel this way. I think everyone's just losing interest in Stardoll, which isn't a bad thing, but I'd hardly call this journey useless. Though, I do understand completely what you're saying - I've hardly spent any time on Stardoll these past few days. The longest I've probably been on here is for an hour or two. I guess it's just becoming something that doesn't provide me with elation anymore, and I suspect that's your case too.

    I just wish you the best out in the real world - chase your dreams for real now! It was an honor to be able to call you a friend, and I do apologize I never had the chance to finish the banner. I know it would've looked stunning here.

  3. Well why don't you just hand the project off to someone else before you leave? And besides, if we've already spent so much on stardoll already, what's the point of leaving then? Stardoll may never shut down. I mean, stardoll isn't a lifestyle to a lot of people here, it's mostly a new connection with friends you can't meet, and through fashion. I mean, it's kinda like art. Except it is a multi-million dollar business. Hey, I may regret it, but I'm not now, and it's a nice way to spend time on weekends when you'd usually do nothing. And yeah, we've spent even possibly hundreds of dollars on virtual shit, but come on, it was expendable pocket money anyway (or it should have been).
    I feel you man, go do what you've always wanted to do in the scant hours you used to spend on stardoll. I hope you don't relapse.

  4. Don't worry about it Tanya because not only you but many other people would agree with you. I've lost interest in Stardoll, I can hardly believe that I used to spend so many hours on this little doll site, Now I can't even spend half an hour on Stardoll. I figured out that 'having a life' is so much better than spending real money on virtual pixelated things. I don't know why people are so desperate to win an achievement on Stardoll when it would mean such more if you achieve something in REAL life. Good bye & Good luck in the real world! xx

  5. It's okay that you're leaving but I have to disagree on the 'it's useless' part.
    Being on stardoll has taught me a lot of things. How to manage money, social skills and also my personal projects have given me so much motivation, something I don't get a lot of.
    And while I may also be leaving soon, as I'm spending barely any time on Stardoll anymore, I don't see it pointless.
    Good luck in life, hope everything goes well for you and goodbye :)

  6. I totally understand, I feel it myself, I just don't go away for good cause of the friendships I've made in the meanwhile.
    Good luck with your life dear, it was great to meet you <3

  7. You will be dearly missed. It is a shame to delete such a wonderous account, with so much more than most dolls. If you are still ss could you sell me some? I have also slightly lost interest as I finished academy and now I dont have any goals and no way of earning money. I have never spent a single real cent on stardoll and I probly never will because I understand it is a waist and I can do ither things like running and jumping. Even sleeping. I hope your life is much better without stardoll and that you have all the things you dream for in the near future. If you like, I can finish this project for you, although I would never do it aswell. my email is :) if you feel you dont want to left these dolls down, just employ me as a writer then admin.
    Again we all love you and wish you well :*

    xx Bella